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Aya Sinay

Professional triathlon coach with internationally recognized highest-level qualifications and extensive experience.

Unlock your full potential with a high-performance triathlon coach who brings a wealth of experience to the table. As a former professional triathlete, age group world champion, and national record holder, I don’t just coach; I mentor champions. Join me on a transformative journey where my expertise, passion, and proven success become your driving force towards excellence. Together, we’ll conquer new milestones and redefine your limits in the world of triathlon.

In collaboration, I prioritize the unique, subjective perception of each of my clients. I respect the physiological differences of every individual and, based on that, I tailor the most effective training and mentoring strategy. 

The number of athletes I dedicate my time to is very limited, allowing me to give each person my full attention.


Aya Sinay

I work in languages:

English, Slovak 

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