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„Aya was perfectly responsive to my individual needs and helped me to improve my swimming technique in a very short time. I can recommend her to anyone who wants to develop further.“

Thomas Schaffner

„I experienced so many gains at every swim session with Aya!  This is how one learns to swim under professional supervision and a fantastic approach. I recommend swimming training for everyone, not just triathletes. Waking up in the morning for workouts with Aya is easy and always pays off.

Katarína Čižmárová
Poprad, Slovakia

„Two Ironman 70.3s and 4 Olympic Distance Triathlons, a World Championship spot and some podiums. I couldn’t believe I could get fit and better at this age. Thank you.

Christopher Sellar
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

„Aya Sinay has been my coach since March 2020, I find it as amazing luck and positive energy work I found her. She is very determined, who has her goals and visions. She is a champion. But she is very humble. What is striking is that she is willing to focus on working with you and invest the time, even though she can expect you won’t be a prize-winning athlete. I appreciate her honesty and directness. It makes things easier, particularly, when you have to communicate with distance and time constraints.

She has all the check-lists and ready-to-share advice. As Aya has such a rich experience in participating in competitions, she would be great in supporting a professional athlete and minimizing the small mistakes that can cost you a podium. I also went to see Aya in summer  when she created for me a training camp in Slovakia.  I got some of the technique, and it was very pleasurable, though exhausting, to stay and to train next to the High Tatras mountains.

It is impossible to describe all the big and small lessons I learnt from Aya: The swimming technique, cycling with higher cadence, importance of bike fitting, importance of physiotherapy and releasing the best potential of your body, nutrition and observance of taking in enough liquids and electrolytes. I have never known, there is a certain technique to run and the joy of having the proper equipment… I will keep training and getting better.“

Yana Tumakova

„During our cooperation, I recorded continuous improvement in all three disciplines and achieved countless personal records, but also several first „mini“ sports successes, all without any injuries. This is also due to good communication and genuine interest from Aya, who paid attention to feedback and was always willing to promptly adapt the training to unexpected changes if necessary.

I would recommend Aya to athletes of all performance levels who want to take their training seriously, are willing to invest into themselves and are looking for real individual approach.“

Tomáš Kotula
Wien, Austria

We started with sports more seriously about 2-3 years before our cooperation began. A year ago, I trained under a coach in Germany. As a hobby athlete at the very beginning, the then coach was a great choice under the given conditions, but over time my demands on the quality of training changed and it was necessary to move on and find a real specialist in field. I approached Aya clearly to get quality training from a coach with experience as professional athlete underlined by results also on an international level. This basically made my choice. I am very satisfied with our cooperation.. I think Aya gave my preparation right direction.. I don’t know how to describe it exactly, but it definitely pushed me forward, not only with my performances (at my level) but I think I also learned to train smarter. The whole thing took a kind of real structure.. I got all the answers..  I specifically appreciate constructive training and Aya ‚s approach to work. 

Alexandra Pačútová
Wien, Austria

This morning, when I was devouring training kilometers at the 50 m pool in AquaCity and beautiful Aya was smiling from the shore with comments about technique, I realized what a rarity it is to have a triathlon club in the Tatras with such an individual approach, fantastic people, all with love and emotion from beginners to professionals. Everyone can choose! 

Eva Hrušovská
Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia 

Even after 4 years since we put our trust in Aya and her team, we have not regretted it. Her professional, individual, precise and at the same time empathetic approach moves her athletes forward and they do this beautiful but demanding sport with pleasure.

Silvia Knapčoková (mum of junior triathlete) Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia 

A structured plan, with a strong   attention to detail for me as an individual and my goals. Aya is testing me on a regular basis and she does he magic. 
Ayka challenges me often, but at the same time listens and perceives the strengths and weaknesses, potential and possibilities that the athlete has. A kind and human approach, amazing knowledge and sharing the joy of sports and a common path is what Aya brings and shows me every day.

Adriana Beňovičová
Bratislava, Slovakia