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All Inclusive Performance Testing

Unlock Your True Potential and Achieve Your Goals!

Why You Need Performance Testing

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just starting out, our comprehensive performance testing provides you with key insights about your body and performance. Investing in this service gives you precise data and expert advice to help you train more effectively and reach new heights.

What We Offer

Personal Testing Sessions

Meet us in person on an athletic track, treadmill, bike trainer, or in the terrain, tailored to your needs.

Lactate Testing for Athletes

A simple finger prick blood test for accurate data collection.

Remote Testing Option

Can’t meet in person? No problem! Contact us for alternative solutions.

Complete Metabolic Profile

Get a full analysis of your metabolism, with training advice and key workout suggestions to follow for approximately 6-8 weeks.

Your Benefits

  • Personalized Training Key Workouts: Receive customized training tips and key workouts based on your unique data, ensuring you target your strengths and weaknesses effectively.
  • Structured Training Advice: Learn how to organize your training week, including when to do interval training, aerobic sessions, and rest periods, to maximize your performance.
  • Expert Guidance: Ideal for self-coaching athletes who want to optimize their training every 6-10 weeks with professional insights.
  • Comprehensive Metrics: Understand your VO2 Max, Glycolitic Power, Anaerobic Threshold, Fat and Carbohydrate Metabolism, and Training Zones. These metrics are crucial for achieving peak performance and knowing how to fuel your body during training and races.
  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses: Pinpoint what’s holding you back and get targeted advice to overcome these barriers, unlocking your full potential.

Ready to Unlock Your Potential?

Book your performance testing today or contact us for more information about our remote testing options.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your training to the next level!

Why It’s Worth the Investment

  • Achieve Better Results: With precise data and expert advice, you can make informed decisions about your training and nutrition, leading to improved performance.
  • Train Smarter, Not Harder: Focus on the workouts that matter most, reducing wasted effort and avoiding overtraining.
  • Stay Ahead of the Competition: Gain a competitive edge by understanding your body better than ever before.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Regular testing and adjustments to your training plan ensure continuous improvement and peak performance.

Testing Process

  • Support for All Levels: Suitable for both experienced and novice athletes, with maximum support from our expert examiner.
  • Personalized Protocol: Tailored test protocol based on your previous experience and personal bests.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: 1.5-2 hours of testing, followed by detailed analysis and a 1-1.5 hour Zoom consultation.

Price: 1000 EUR – Includes : individually tailored testing protocol, lactate testing, analysis, and a personalized consultation.

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