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Exclusive bespoke triathlon coaching

  • Your physiology – because every person is unique, with different history in sport, capabilities, metabolism, body composition and lots more.
  • Your current performance – we will adjust the training plan according to your current fitness level.
  • Your time optionsyou can train according to your schedule, taking into account work, school, or family commitments.
  • Effective recoverythis is one of the fundamental pillars for achieving your desired results.

Performance testing and complete metabolic profile

It will provide you detailed insights into your physiology, metabolic profile, and performance parameters. You can be tested remotely, in the field or gym. We will use a GPS watch and a power meter (for cycling/running) for remote testing, either on your turbo trainer or in the field. If we conduct in-person testing, we will also use a lactate analyzer.


1:1 personal coaching and consultations

If you prefer to coach yourself and have specific questions about training, nutrition, scheduling races, or choosing the perfect equipment .

If you feel that your mindset and mental strength are holding you back, feel the empowerment as we work together to break through any mental barriers. I’m excited to guide you, helping you discover your inner strength and resilience.