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Are you ready to reach your maximum potential in sport and everyday life?

Uncover your areas for growth and turn your strengths into powerful assets that truly propel you forward. You’ll return home infused with the “RIGHT” motivation and crystal-clear clarity,ready to conquer new heights!

We will dip into the science, real triathlon coaching and mentoring tailored just for your needs.

Located on the beautiful sunny island of Lanzarote, which is known for triathletes training paradise.


What ‚s included in BE YOUR BEST RETREAT

  • Swim video analysis, individualized swimming drills, and training sessions tailored for you as an individual.
  • You will become a faster and more efficient swimmer.
  • We will transition your swim speed from the pool to open water swimming.
  • Discover your full metabolic profile through performance testing, learn how to fuel correctly during training and racing – as you might have already heard 😄, nutrition is the fourth triathlon discipline.
  • We will determine your training zones and learn in which zone to train for specific goals, along with much more tailored to your individual needs. Together, we will choose your preferred discipline for the test.
  • Discover this beautiful island by swimming, cycling, and running with a bunch of like-minded new friends.

Further gains

  • You will finally start getting the answers as to why you could not perform at races to your real potential until now.
  • Your full potential will slowly begin to extend to other areas of life, not just sport.
  • You will learn everything it takes to keep your body, soul, and mind in harmony, you will return home with a huge positive transformation.

Room types

  • Single
  • 2 persons in 1 room
  • Single with jacuzzi
  • 2 persons with jacuzzi

Who is it suitable for:

  • Athletes who would love to get the right direction in training (physiology, science, numbers, coaching, skills, nutrition, mindset, experiences, etc..) – basically everything needed for you to BE YOUR BEST
  • Some level of experience and fitness is needed
  • Owning a power meter is a massive advantage (we will get so much more out of your cycling potential)
  • This intimate group will be very limited in size, to cater exactly to your needs
  • You can be a less experienced or advanced triathlete. You are welcome to join, even if you are just a swimmer, cyclist or runner. Program and your benefits will be tailored for you.
  • Whether you are training for Ironman, Half Ironman, or even Cross or short distance triathlons
  • This is the best platform for us to get to know each other and from there some of you coaching remotely to build your full potential. I believe, the more we know each other, how we are as human beings, how we operate, etc. the more we can get out of our mutual sport development journey

What is included

  • 7 nights hotel + all inclusive + spa entry, foam roller, wifi
  • Swim analyses (video)
    Individualized swim sessions
  • Setting up your individualized swimming drills
  • Open water swimming + OW swim skills
  • Cycling around the beautiful island
  • Group mentorship sessions-all you want to know
  • High performance metabolic testing-1 discipline
  • Group feedback and tutorial on metabolic testing
  • Training Zones and nutritional advice during training
  • Run sessions, running drills 
  • Mobility , (Strength Training)

What not to expect

  • a typical training camp which you might have experienced before with lots of riding in large groups, where everyone does the same thing
  • typical general swimming sets tailored for all, based on quantity
  • However, there is an option to extend your stay. After your 1st week of BE YOUR BEST retreat with me, you can stay for another week or “x” many days to get some winter mileage in. There is also an option to arrive a day or two earlier.

What is not included

  • insurance
  • travel cost (air transport fare)
  • airport transportation to/from hotel
  • extras in the hotel on top of your All Inclusive package

What are you required to bring/have:

  • wetsuit, swimming suit + toys for swimming (snorkel, fins, pull buoy, kick board)
  • bicycle (own or rental) – if you are racing / competing on TT bike – I recommend you to bring your racing bike, however, bring training wheels with low section wheels (Lanzarote winds)
  • power meter if you are using
  • heart rate monitor
  • GPS watches (preferably Garmin) + charger
  • cycling clothes+cycling shoes, trisuit, helmet, running clothes + shoes
  • in terms of cycling clothing: arm covers, rain jacket, think headband, sunglasses
  • puncture kit (note that CO2 canister is not allowed to be used in the plane)
  • sun cream
  • note pad, pen, PC or tablet
  • nutrition which you are used to: energy gels, energy bars, electrolytes/carbohydrate drink, recovery/protein shake as minimum, plastic bottles for bike racks

Frequently asked questions

Is this retreat suitable for me even if I am a professional or really experienced athlete?
Yes, we will tailor the program suited just for your individual needs.

Could I join even if I am not a triathlete, but runner, cyclist or swimmer?
Yes, you are more than welcome even if you do just one of these sports. This retreat is for very limited intimate group tailored that everyone will get out of it what you wish for.

What about if I am a beginner?
You should have some level of experience at least in one of these disciplines (swim/bike/run) If you are a totally inexperienced cyclist, Lanzarote isn’t the ideal place to learn basics. Perhaps another program in the future will be better suited to your needs. Do write us a message so we know.

Do I need to bring my own bike or can I rent one?
Ideally you should bring your own bike, a racing bike would be beneficial.. However we can arrange a rental bike for you locally too, if that ‚s your preference.

Which bike should I bring to the retreat camp?
Ideally racing bike, so we can have a look at your bike position, etc.., however avoid deep section wheels due to stronger wind on the island.

Am I going to receive the exact itinerary of the retreat camp?
Yes, there will be an itinerary sent in advance prior to the retreat camp, however after the 1st day, there is possibility for operational changes for the benefit of attendees.

Are meals provided, and can dietary restrictions be accommodated?
Detail the meal options available during the retreat and if the organizers can accommodate specific dietary needs.